Monday, October 15, 2012

My Second Package for TV News

With my first package behind me, I was determined to correct previous mistakes this time around to ensure a better finished product. While this time the task seemed much easier, I did encounter some minor problems. It took me nearly two weeks to find an official source for my story and I gave up after struggling to confirm an interview. But to my surprise, I was able to get an interview within minutes of me placing my head in my hands.
 I went out that same day to get B-roll and interviews and at this point things are running smoothly. When I got back to the edit bay to log my footage, I noticed that my official's interview had some static in the background. I tried to fix the issue and even called on others to help me, but was unsuccessful. It was too late to try and get another interview and time was simply running out. As I spent a couple of days editing, I began to realize the importance of planning ahead and starting the editing process early. I couldn't imagine having to do all of what I did last minute. I'm anxious to see what my grade is and as I plan for my newscast, I'm excited about what's in store next.

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