Friday, January 27, 2012

"Getting B-roll"

Last Friday, my group partners and I conducted interviews on camera and had a blast. When I first saw all of the different buttons we had to remember and what we had to do just to set up the camera, I was a little intimidated. I had never used a camera like that, so it seemed like it was going to be a long and difficult day, but it wasn’t. I actually enjoyed myself so much that it didn’t feel like an assignment or project.
On the other hand, we had to carry all of that equipment; the camera, tripod and case wherever we went, which showed me that broadcast journalism is not only different, but it also feels like a workout. Overall, I really learned a lot by just going out there and allowing myself to learn from my mistakes and I learned the importance of having patience. Some people didn’t want to be on camera and others just watched us as we walked in with our equipment. However, the interviews we were able to do were awesome and although it was hard work, it was fun. We got a chance to speak with staff members at the recreation center and students who were there working out. I am looking forward to learning more in this class and I can’t wait until our next session!

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