Thursday, February 2, 2012

Writing the Script

So far, my group and I have everything together. We have plenty of B-roll and we have our stand-ups done. All we have left to do now are VOs. Last week was pretty interesting because we had to look at all of the footage we had and come up with a script  that actually matched what the package is going to be about. It didn’t take us too long, but we had to make sure that what we plan to say matched up with the video clip we wanted to use. This, to me, was the hardest part so far because I saw how tedious putting together a script can be. At first it seemed like it was going to be simple, but last week definitely showed me that it takes time. Thankfully, it eventually started to flow the way we wanted it to.  Hopefully, we'll get our entire package done early so that we'll just have to edit if need be. Overall, I’m excited and anxious to see what we do next week.I am learning so much in this class! I’m extremely excited about this package and I really can’t wait to start piecing it all together!

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